Protoss vs Protoss Guides

I’ve linked my starcraft 2: protoss vs protoss playlist below if you want to jump right in to learning the matchup! Below you’ll find more specific videos if you want to jump around from topic to topic. The playlist starts off with a safe protoss vs protoss opening designed to get you into the mid-game very easily & without dieing to early attacks.

I also created a guide on an aggressive protoss vs protoss build. It begins with adepts & oracles and allows you to put a ton of pressure onto your opponent early on in the game. Check it out here:

After you have a strong opening & create a plan, you’ll want to make sure you know how to defend cheese in the protoss vs protoss matchup because it’s EXTREMELY common. Every protoss loves a good cheese. Check out how to defend early attacks in this video:

And if you want to see an example game of what protoss vs protoss might look like at a high level, I’ve created a video showcasing the adept-oracle opening vs another high level grandmaster so you can get a feel for it. Here’s that video: