EASY Beginner Protoss Build Order [Starcraft 2020]

In this guide we are going to take a look at a very easy beginner friendly protoss build order. More importantly though, it’s incredibly powerful and you’re going to win plenty of games! Once you get a handle on the details you’re going to be dominating your competition!

For many people Starcraft 2 can be a difficult game to get into as the learning curve seems quite large and intimidating. However, this build helps greatly in bridging the gap and allowing you to work on some basic skills in a limited sandbox where many of the variables that make starcraft 2 complex and intimidating are VERY limited. You’ll have a ton of fun learning the basics of the game while easily wrecking most players!

Make sure to watch the video closely and take some notes here and there. I’ve also written a build order which is a simplified version of the build below the video. You might want to copy this or write it down so you can take a look at it later to remind yourself of the building and unit orders. 


  • 14 pylon
  • 16 gate #chronoboost!
  • 17 gas
  • 18 gas
  • 19 gate
  • 21 cybernetics core
  • 22 pylon
  • @100% cyber -> 2 stalker + warp gate
  • x2 gateways
  • x2 stalker #start chronoing warp gate ( 3 times before it finishes)
  • warp in 4 stalkers @ 3:30

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