Squad Shang Community

Squad Shang is an active and chill place for anyone who enjoys Starcraft 2. We have players of all skill levels including many bronze players and even some grandmaster, pro’s and anywhere else in between. We would love to have you join us!


Every once in a while we host a large community tournament where you can compete for different prizes! Bragging rights & a community badge letting everyone know you’re the champ are of course the most important! But we also have some real prizes like COACHING, IN GAME SKINS, GROUP COACHING, CASH & MORE.

Practice Partner Channel

Using practice partners to train is a proven way to learn much quicker than traditional ladder practice. Squad shang is a great place to find practice partners no matter your skill level. We have a dedicated channel where you can post your name, server & availability to find people quickly to help you work on your game.

Youtube & Twitch Alerts

If you want to be updated as soon as HuShang goes LIVE on TWITCH or uploads a new video on YOUTUBE you will be notified right away. This means you won’t have to miss a new video or livestream ever again! And if you are not interested in getting alerts, that’s okay too! You can easily turn these off on discord.

Biweekly Practice

Do you find it hard to find practice partners or schedule practice with a friend? Squad Shang now has a set time each week you can come and play together for focused practice and improvement. This is by far the best way to improve and to meet new like minded people trying to get better at Starcraft 2! I hope you join us for the next one!

Group Coaching

This is very similar to the biweekly practice, but with HuShang there to coach and and offer advice to improve your gameplay. This is MUCH cheaper than 1on1 coaching but provides significant support and feedback to help you learn more quickly than ladder alone.

To get started or find out more, check out the dedicated Group Coaching page by clicking HERE

Subscriber Perks

If you’re already a twitch member or youtube member, there are tons of amazing perks you’ll get access to just by linking your twitch/youtube account to discord! This applies even if you were gifted a sub and didn’t purchase it yourself. 

Here’s a guide on how to link discord & youtube to twitch. It’s super easy! Quick Guide On How To Do It @ dotesports.com