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Starcraft 2 coach - 10 years experience

Devon (HuShang) Prefontaine

Hello. My name is Devon and I have been coaching Starcraft 2 professionally for 10 years.

When I first started playing SC2 back in 2010 I had no idea that Starcraft would become something I was so passionate about. At first the game was complex and intimidating and there seemed to be such a vast amount of information to understand.  Back then there were no good sources of learning and I had to develop my own systems to conceptualize the game. Through these concepts I began to discover the joy of learning and improvement. Although complex, no other game can give you this feeling of great accomplishment and progress. So I had fallen in love with Starcraft 2. It was the beginning of a great journey!

After discovering these concepts it didn’t take too long before I became a Grand Master and started teaching others how to play. My passion for Starcraft continued, but I developed an even greater passion for teaching others how to play the game I love so much. Over the years¬†I have taught many hundreds of students and several of these students have made it all the way to Grand Master League (top 200 in their region). A massive accomplishment indeed. I am incredibly proud of all the students who managed this achievement.

I am also proud of the countless students who have made it to diamond and masters. Although not as prestigious, for many of these students the journey was no less difficult. Many of them have little time to practice Starcraft. They run their own businesses, have kids and just otherwise lead very busy lives. I like to think I played a part in helping them achieve their success in SC2 despite not having as much free time as they would like.

If you are thinking about getting coaching in Starcraft 2 I would love to be your teacher. Whether you are an absolute beginner or someone who has been playing for many years and hit a plateau I am positive we can work together to make you a stronger player. Feel free to contact me below for more info about my coaching services.

Starcraft 2 Coaching

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